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    Update 3.3 contents (Official)


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    Update 3.3 contents (Official)

    Post by Gdie on Fri 10 Jun - 9:10

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    For League of Angels - Fire Raiders update 3.3, new contents includes:

    1. Increased max Relic level by 2 (to Legendary+10)
    2. Added new player Nobility title: Divine King
    3. Added Draconia Mysterious Soul Stones to Cross-Server Grand Tournament Shop
    4. Increased player max level to 100
    5. Added new Adventure Chapter 17 - Ghastly Marsh
    6. Added new Equipment: Brilliant Blade, Brilliant Boots, Brilliant Charm
    7. Increased max Hero quality to Legendary+2
    8. New Angel: Pandora (avaliable in Angel Trial Shop)
    9. Added new Event Points Shop
    10. New Awakened Heroes: Atalanta, Amazon Hunter, Light Envoy, Minotaur
    11. Added hero Draconia to Emblems system
    12. New Angel: Cupid
    13. Added new Astral Training: Leo and Cancer
    14. Emblem Crystal max level increased 12
    15. Added new Emblem crystal upgrade materials:
    *Sacred Shield
    *Sacred Axe
    *Sacred Bow

    (Original post by Alecta - Official staff)

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