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    RUNES – Detailed explanation by Eldenshelton


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    RUNES – Detailed explanation by Eldenshelton

    Post by Gdie on Sun 12 Jun - 0:21

    Last updated: 11 June 2016

    I was always looking for a great guide that could explain the rune system to me into great details, but I could never find one. So with this guide I hope to leave readers with no more further questions regarding runes.

    Where to find Rune Upgrade?
    Go to the main screen
    On the right menu bar, at the very top there is a button called “+ Enhanced” click that
    Then click “Rune”
    The you are required to select a hero you want to upgrade
    Once you select a hero, the screen will show you 5 stats to upgrade with runes crystals.
    The stats that are available in rune upgrades are as follows:

    PA, MA, Agi, Hit, Crit, Crit DMG,
    HP, PD, MD, Dodge, Resilience, Parry

    However, you cannot select what stats you want to give for the hero, it comes predetermined.
    So, for example green ranger comes with HP, PA, Agi, Crit, Crit DMG for his 5 rune upgrade stats.

    A brief explanation of of what these stats do:
    PA = Physical Attack, no need further explanation
    MA = Magic Attack, no need further explantion
    Agi = Agility, will effect the ATK/action speed of a hero, highest Agi hero in battle will move and hit first
    Hit = the chance of an attack to hit and deal damage to the target
    Crit = the chance of an attack becoming a critical attack where damage could go up to 200% or more
    Cirt DMG = Damage applied when attack becomes critical attack
    HP = Health Points, once your HP is depleted its game over for the hero
    PD = Physical Defence, reduce damage done by phisical attacks
    MD = Magic Defence, reduce damage done by magical attacks
    Resilience =reduce damge done by crit

    What types of Rune upgrades are available?
    To upgrade rune stats you need to use rune crystals.
    Rune crystals come available in 6 types: green rune stones : 50 rune power (can only be used from lvl 0 to 10) blue rune stones : 50 rune power (can only be used from lvl 0 to 20) red rune stones : 50 rune power (can only be used from lvl 0 to 30)
    These 3 types of runes are available as a Guild Hall reward

    Green rune crystal: offers 50 rune power
    Blue rune crystal: offers 250 rune power
    Red rune crystal: offers 1000 rune power
    Available at shop, wharf (in form of chests), and event rewards

    How to access Rune stones in inventory?
    Go to main screen, at the bottom menu bar second from the right you can find “inventory” button
    Click the “inventory” button, then select “misc.”
    Now you can check the inventory status of your rune stones/crystals.
    Another important thing to note: from inventory you can also convert green rune crystals to blue, and blue to red.
    How you do that is by clicking the green/blue rune crystal in the inventory
    Then click “compose”, click “how to get”, click “compose” / “compose all”
    The conversion ratio is : 5 green rune crystals for 1 blue, 5 blue rune crystal for 1 red.
    It is a direct conversion of the value, meaning you are not losing anything through conversion,
    i.e. :  5 green crystals = 5 x 50 rune power = 250 rune power = blue rune crystal
             5 blue crystals = 5 x 250 rune power = 1000 rune power = red rune crystal

    How to upgrade Rune stats and which stats to prioritize?
    Next is how to apply the rune crystals/stones to upgrade the runes of heroes.
    Follow the steps of “Where to find rune upgrade” at the top.
    Once you access the 5 stats of a hero, you can choose and click one stat,
    Then you can select which rune upgrade you want to spend on the stats.
    I suggest for you to Press and hold on the rune upgrade, if you have more than 20 you want to apply from the inventory, instead of clicking one at time, it potentially saves you plenty time and effort.

    Now, how to prioritize between the 5 stats?
    Usually my personal advice is study the hero type first.
    If the hero is a tank type such as Elder Dwarf, its best to focus on upgrading HP first followed by PD and MD.
    But for hero with high attack types like Night Sentinel, it is better to focus on upgrading PA first followed by Agi, Crit DMG, Crit. Why I chose Agi second is because you want the hero to deal the first damage before he gets killed.
    Rune levels unlocks by hero levels.
    The current maximum rune level is 55.
    This are the summary of rune power you need for each level for 1 hero stat.

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    This would be a total of = 52,325 rune power = 52 red, 1 blue, 3 green rune crystals for 1 hero stat.
    Since there are 5 stats at 1 hero, that means you need a total of = 260 red, 5 blue, 15 green rune crystals to upgrade a completely upgrade a new hero’s rune stats.

    If you have further question you can simply ask, I will try get back to you


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