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    Angel advance guide by IceCool


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    Angel advance guide by IceCool

    Post by Gdie on Mon 13 Jun - 9:01

    Hi everyone,

    I'm here to make a guide about the last feature added on the last update, the angel advance.
    First of all to do that you need ANGEL GEMS (the blue gems that lot of people was complaining about in the past months, not knowing how to use them) and you can farm them by opening chests in angel trial, in Event section or spending diamonds in the Wheel of Fortune.
    You can use them to level up your angels, that give you a % boost to their passive skills (the one on the second screen of an angel).
    All you have to do is go in the third option of the angel screen that you want to boost, the one similar to a tear, and you're gonna see 4 options:
    - Max Advance: advance to the next available level (not recommended)
    - Advance: use a certain amount of angel gems, from 2 to 20, to increase the advance value bar (highly reccomended )
    - Advance reference: you can see the angels boosted by the other member of your server.
    - Inherit: you can pass the level upgraded from one angel to another paying diamonds.
    The max level you can reach is 10 for each angel.
    The value for each level are:
    +1 190 Angel gems
    +2 423 Angel gems
    +3 576 Angel gems
    +4 1390 Angel gems
    +5 2604 Angel gems
    +6 3936 Angel gems
    +7 5410 Angel gems
    +8 6504 Angel gems
    +9 11115 Angel gems
    +10 14940 Angel gems
    The value may not be perfect, it depends on the bonus given, but it's pretty close.
    I personally recommend to do the single advance because sometimes, when the advance bar is halfway full, can give a bonus ans fill the bar without spending more gems.
    If you have any question just type below

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