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    Astral train guide by IceCool


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    Astral train guide by IceCool

    Post by Gdie on Mon 13 Jun - 9:09

    You can find this option by clicking the "ENHANCE" button on the right menu and then "ASTRAL" and you can use this to increase your heroes parameters and B.R.
    There are 3 types of training that can be unlocked when a hero reach Epic+1, Epic +3 and Legendary quality and you can boost the follow stats:
    - ARIES: PD, MD, HP, Resilience.
    - TAURUS: Attack, PD, HP, Parry.
    - GEMINI: Attack, MD, HP, Resilience.
    There are 3 training method:
    - NORMAL TRAIN: Using astral stone, can be obtained in arena and ancient arena shops.
    - DIAMOND TRAIN: Using diamonds.
    - PREMIUM TRAINING: Using premium astral stone, ca be obtained through special events.
    And each one has a "TRAIN" and a "TRAIN X10" option.
    Let's make an example to see how to calculate the B.R. output for each stats; let's take my sapphire with all he stats at 0, I spent 100 astral stones doing X10 in Taurus type, gaining 1059 B.R.; then i spent the same amount on gemini training singularly, gaining 1134 B.R.
    But how do you understand if, depending on status that pops out, your's gonna increase or dicrease? Each parameters has an amount of B.R. for every units boosted, in details to have 1 B.R. you need:
    - 0.8 attack point make 1 B.R.
    - 2,2 PD/MD points make 1 B.R.
    - 7/8 HP points make 1 B.R.
    - 1 Resilience/Parry point make 1 B.R.
    These are the value that i found, not precise at 100%, to be able to calculate when i should keep or cancel.
    Diamonds train works the same way but can give a bit more boost then using astral stones, "TRAIN" cost 150 and "TRAIN X10" cost 1500.
    Premium training's a bit different, give you less boost, never higher than 10 B.R., but always give a positive stats so it's pretty useful to do the last 1/4 of the bar of your heroes.
    My personal advise is, after that you've used the first 100 astral stones on a hero, stop using X10 option, to minimize the loss of stats.
    Hope this can be helpful to everyone!


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