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    The Vip 0 strategy


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    The Vip 0 strategy

    Post by Gdie on Thu 9 Jun - 3:14

    Hello new captain,

    First you have to know it's highly recommended to start first day of a new server if you ever want to reach the top Arena and be helpfull for your future guild mates.
    The reason is simple, If you don't start on a freshly new server at his first day It will be a pain to join a good guilde wich is very important for the later guild related tasks and rewards. GTArcade open 2 servers per week on each US and EU, so a total of 4.

    Everyone begin with the same 5 heroes and somes like Green Ranger (GR) can be used at early/middle/late game.

    The first week of a new server, you can see only the "new server events", after that you will have the same as all other servers except the Cross Server Arena (X-Arena) wich not show for some weeks/months.

    Late game : This is how we call the 90+ account wich is supposed to have been made related with the gameplay you are looking for.
    The most important part in Loafr is to avoid spending ressources a way it's impossible to undo. For example you can't change after raising an Emblem or using runes to increase one hero/angel, so be very carefully on what you spend and choose it wisely because even High ViP players lack with ressources so as ViP 0 it's much more important... I suggest any player who never purchase ingame to start building late game since the beginning, by raising only 3-4 emblem at their max, because if you raise all your new heroes one by one, none will be maxed and your game after 70+ will be just garbage and unplayable.

    Emblems : this is the Core of your league wich allow you to overpower a gender and a class. (avalaible at lvl50)
    What is related with emblem score : Runes, hero/angel lvl, equipment, awakening, Angel,

    Relics : you want to choose your kind of relic but don't see much difference btw the 3 avalaible ?  Let say simply earth is tank, fire is damage and ice is in middle of the 2 others. In fact it is like that but depending on situation I would say Fire is the best choice because you will be able to do much more damage on gold trial,wharf boss, Treasure raid etc...
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