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    Angel Trial floor 50 the first day all easy mode


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    Angel Trial floor 50 the first day all easy mode

    Post by Gdie on Thu 9 Jun - 12:47

    Everyone at beginning tryed Angel Trial by suiciding heroes floor after floor ...  Laughing  Atleast I DID !
    To hit the floor 50 even the first day of server (if you did draw a healer) you will probably need many try and time. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    On the top right corner of the fight screen you can see a | | pause button. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    In case the fight is going wrong clic pause and confirm to leave. Most important thing is to finish the previous fight in good conditions to start the next will a good burst and having a heal ready.

    When you launch a fight on a difficulty and loose, you can't change it till the next floor so choose well.

    If you reached the same number of points as another player who has the most stars wins.

    1° Class :
    a) Best Damage Dealer :
    You will definitly need single attack damage dealers with one or two huge rage attack (let's call it "Ulti"). In easy mode you can use whatever you want but in medium and hard mode your team will be bullied. So first you will try to kill the opponent higher Ulti with you front huge Ulti or a combination of rear Ultis.

    b) Best Heal :
    To keep all your heroes alive and finish most of fights with full rage and health points you will need more that Mermaid because she don't heal rear and don't have buffs. Lumia is very nice because of her Shackles, Shield and heavy front line heals. Djiini is very good also because she heal a lot but and Shadow Priestess is my favorite for her buffs of course. There is a good heal for each situation.

    c) Tank and offtank :
    It's important to have raised a decent tank because in some stages you will have troubles to survive even the first round if you don't have Elder Draft, Rose Knight or Neither knight maxed on def stuffs. Except if you never finish a fight without trying 100times to finish full rage/hp , this way you just start with a good burst to avoid the need of a real tank in your team.

    2° Composition :
    There are a lot of combiantion but lets consider a simple one here.

    Night Sentinel for his very high single target damages, you will need to protect him.
    your healer : Djiini is helpfull on AT, but you can consider to raise another healer for arena so Priestess or Lumia are good choice too.
    Elder Draft : tanking perfectly and can heal himself.
    Hell Hound : his shield will render your rear line unkillable at round 1.
    Panda/Horseman : awesome front line killers with control.

    After Level 80, everything is simpler... opponents on Hard Mode have 75K br so it's better to go just with a good AoE like Demon hunter to full finish AT on 8minutes.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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