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    Crests review


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    Crests review

    Post by Gdie on Fri 10 Jun - 0:22

    Along with the new update came Crests, which are equipable, up to four per hero. They're supposed to either strengthen your hero's weak spots or make his main stats even stronger. Crest menu can be found on the Enhance Tab. You will be able to use them at level 65.
    The main way to obtain crests is by beating stages in the Adventure Tab, on the new section called "Purgatory". The further you explore into this section, the better your chances of getting higher star crests are. Blitzing Purgatory consumes no energy (stamina), but instead consumes 1 out of 20 total attempts you're given daily. Attempts will reset one at a time, every 30 minutes. You can also get Crests by Events.
    Each Crest contains a Main Stat, Sub Stats (0 to 4, depending on the quality of the crest), rarity, stars, a 4-Set Bonus, a particular slot and nature.
    Main Stat: One stat that is randomly generated at the time you acquire the crest, its initial strength is decided by the number of stars on the crest, which means that the more stars on the crest, the better its initial value. Crests's stars also define its growth level, more stars equal better growth rate. Each time you rank up your crest, Main stat will also increase.
    Sub Stat: As mentioned above, each crest contains from zero to four Sub stats, which are also randomly generated. Their strength is also determined by the number of stars on the crest, which means that the more stars on the crest, the better their initial value, but also growth rate. Opposed to Main stat, Sub stats will only increase their values at breakthrough levels (3,6,9,12,15) but then again that's not certainly going to happen either. When you attempt to rank up a crest to a breakthrough level (3,6,9,12,15), your crest will either have one more Sub stat added or enhance a Sub stat that already exists on it.
    Rarity (Quality): The rarity of a crest is defined by how many Sub stats one crest has. There are five different kinds of rarities, as mentioned below:
    Common - No Sub stats
    Fine - 1 Sub stat
    Rare - 2 Sub stats
    Epic - 3 Sub stats
    Legendary - 4 Sub stats
    Stars: Each Crest can have up from one to six stars on it. Stars affect the initial values, as well as the growth values of Main and Sub Stats. As Stars on the Crest cannot be increased in any way, it is recommended that you don't bother with lower star Crests (1, 2, possibly even 3) since you're going to find a better one sooner or later.
    Nature: There are 10 different kinds of natures, each one serves a different purpose to others. Those are: Assault, Warden, Aegis, Flash, Fury, Duelist, Blessing, Renew, Drain, Resolve.
    Slot: Each Crest has a number placed next to its Nature, which can either be 1, 2, 3 or 4. This number defines the slot in which this particular Crest can be placed, on one hero's Crest Menu.
    4-Set Bonus: This is a bonus added to a hero, once he completes a full 4-Set of the same type of Crests. The strength of this bonus will be decided according to the lowest rarity (quality) of crest used on that hero.

    -Assault 4-Set: Attack Increased by %.
    Common: 4%
    Fine: 8%
    Rare: 12%
    Epic: 16%
    Legendary: 20%

    -Warden 4-Set: Defense Increased by %.
    Common: 5%
    Fine: 10%
    Rare: 15%
    Epic: 20%
    Legendary: 25%

    -Aegis 4-Set: HP Increased by %.
    Common: 5%
    Fine: 10%
    Rare: 15%
    Epic: 20%
    Legendary: 25%

    -Flash 4-Set: Agility Increased by %.
    Common: 10%
    Fine: 20%
    Rare: 30%
    Epic: 40%
    Legendary: 50%

    -Fury 4-Set: Critical Strike Damage Increased by #.
    Common: 300
    Fine: 600
    Rare: 900
    Epic: 1200
    Legendary: 1500

    -Duelist 4-Set: If attack is higher than target's, deal % additional damage for every 10% difference.
    Common: 0.5%
    Fine: 1%
    Rare: 1.5%
    Epic: 2%
    Legendary: 2.5%

    -Blessing 4-Set: Increase HP of whole team by % of own HP.
    Common: 2%
    Fine: 4%
    Rare: 6%
    Epic: 8%
    Legendary: 10%

    -Renew 4-Set: Each turn recover HP equal to % PDef & % MDef.
    Common: 8%
    Fine: 16%
    Rare: 24%
    Epic: 32%
    Legendary: 40%

    -Drain 4-Set: Recover HP equal to % Damage Done.
    Common: 6%
    Fine: 12%
    Rare: 18%
    Epic: 24%
    Legendary: 30%

    -Resolve 4-Set: Gain % HP and Attack after a successful Resist.
    Common: 2%
    Fine: 4%
    Rare: 6%
    Epic: 8%
    Legendary: 10%

    Damage Dealers want to use Assault, Flash, Fury, Duelist, Drain Crests.
    Tanks/Offtanks want to use Warden, Aegis, Blessing, Renew, Resolve Crests.
    Healers/Supports want to use Warden, Aegis, Blessing, Renew Crests.

    Leveling up Crests: By pressing on a particular Crest, you will be given the option to "Rank Up". That means that any Crest you obtain can be leveled up. Crest Initial Rank is 0, can be ranked up to a maximum of 15.
    The chances of your Crest's rank leveling up are high, as your Crest is at a low Rank, but decrease as it levels up. Even though Rank Up might fail, resources required for it will be deducted.
    There are two different ways of leveling up a Crest. You can either choose to upgrade with Gold and Crest Essence or Diamonds.
    Obtaining Crest Essence can be quite tricky, since large quantities are used for leveling up the Crests. Easiest way is beating Purgatory Levels, every three levels you pass you get a huge amount of it. Another way is by dissolving Crests. Dissolving Crests basically destroys selected Crest(s), giving you Crest Essence in return. The amount of Crest Essence given depends on Crest's Quality and Rank.

    Once you equip a Crest, should you ever decide to remove it, you need to be cautious. You can remove it from your hero's Crest Tab manually, which will consume a few of your diamonds, depending on its quality and rank. In that case the Crest will be placed back in your Crest Inventory.
    Another way of removing a Crest is by pressing on the one you want to equip. In this case though, equipping that new Crest will not only remove the one that's in place already, but actually DESTROY it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Keep in mind that Main and Sub stats are completely random and they may or may not be relevant to the 4-Set Bonus of your Crest. Getting the perfect combination of Main Stat, Sub Stat and 4-Set Bonus can be pretty hard, but it shouldn't bother you that much.
    In case you obtain a Legendary Quality Crest, once you get to the breakthrough levels and since there will be 4 Sub stats already on the Crest by the time you obtain it, you will be able to increase the value of those Sub stats instead.

    There are several types of crest pieces which can be used for form your Hero's crest. These include:

    Name   Type Set Bonus (Max Quality)
    Assault Damage Attack +20%
    Aegis        Tank         HP +25%
    Fury        Damage Crit DMG +1500
    Blessing (stub) Increase HP of whole team by 10% of own HP, does not stack.
    Drain        (stub) Recover HP equal to 30% of damage done.
    Warden Tank Defense +25%
    Flash        General Agility +50%
    Duelist (stub) If attack is higher than target's, deal 2.5% additional damage for every 10% difference.
    Renew General Each turn recover HP equal to (40% PDef + 40% MDef).
    Resolve (stub) Gain 10% HP and Attack after a successful Resist.

    Below are the chances of increasing Crest quality during improvement:

    Type                       Level 3 Level 6 Level 9 Level 12 Level 15
    Common to Fine        100%         100% 100%         100% 100%
    Fine to Rare         20%          90% 100%         100% 100%
    Rare to Epic           5%          10%  90% 100% 100%
    Epic to Legendary         0%           0%          10%   90% 100%

    Upgrading level :

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