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    First of all : what are this forum goals ?


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    First of all : what are this forum goals ?

    Post by Gdie on Wed 8 Jun - 9:18


    I am GdieFra, playing League of Angel - Fire Raiders since October 2016, leader of "Levelup" guild (earlier Astraeus80) over 6 servers.
    We managed to regroup high BR players because we are active players and we want to finish evrything in game as mean time we help each others about everything in the game. Each of us have his own tips, because the game looks very easy at beginning.
    In fact there are so many stats to raise and considering we always lack with ressources we also share our personal strategy about spending priority in long term and also when special event appear.

    It was a guild forum but I decided to open it in public, hopefully you will find what you needed by visiting our forum, watching our videos and maybe you could also help us ^.^

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