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    Use your full mailbox potential !


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    Use your full mailbox potential !

    Post by Gdie on Fri 10 Jun - 2:15

    Hi all,

    Your mailbox have a real high potential if you didn't noticed yet then this guide is for you.

    There are two kind of mail we can receive on our mailbox :

    1 - Game system mail : those mails are sent buy the system immediatly after the reset time (usually 05:00am) and is about Angel Trial rank reward, Wharf Boss rewards, Treasure raid rank rewards etc... the system calculate and send you what you deserver. There is nothing to explain about it.

    2 - Tasks mail from events : When you achieve a quest you usually pick your reward immediatly and this is usually a big mistake ! pale
    This kind of mail appear on your mailbox the next day +22hours. That mean for example if an event lasts from monday 5am to Tuesday 5am your due will appear on mailbox wednesday 3am just before the reset.

    How to use that delay to perform the best rewards possible :

    Let's say an event lasts from monday 5am till thuesday 5am with a daily reset.
    That means the duration on the event is 3 days.

    Let's say we have to collect 90 panda soulstone from a collection event but we can only acquier 32 SS for free per day.
    Let's say the event give 10 premium crest chest for 30 soulstones collected per day but the same event give not the triple (30 crests chest) but 5 times the 30ss reward , so 50 premium crests chest for 90 ss collected.
    This way if you badly collect your 32ss per day , after 3 days you earned 30 premium crests chest.
    BUT if you use your mail box and don't collect your soulstone collection event everyday , at the end means here Thuesday 3:00, you will collect a total of 96 panda soulstones and will earn the 50 premium crest chest instead or just 30.

    This example can be apply to most of event with a duration of more than a day and where the amount of rewards from high collected items is higher than if you loot the collection item daily.

    Finally, most of player don't use this tip that's why I did this guide for donators as same as F2P who want to optimize more their ressources wich determine our league progress.

    Hopefully you understood the importance of this tip. Try and let me know how good it worked for you Smile This way I usually earn much more ressources, that's how I play since some months and I can compete with higher donators than me as same as distance same vip rank.

    Play Hard Go Pro I love you

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